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El Pantano

Costa Norte, Dominican Republic

click for a high resolution  printable version of this cave map.

This cave is a 10 min walk past the Tree Cave, due East. It has the color of a swamp, it has the smell of a swamp it has the look of a swamp but, it is actually a sinkhole.


It is one of the least inviting looking places to dive in the DR, but is actually a really nice dive.


The mainline starts at the close end of the the wall, you must gear up in the mud and wade/crawl over to the deeper water, just in front of the rock wall. Once under the cavern goes straight down to about 10 meters and is usually very clear water, the cave tunnel goes right through a series of boulder restrictions before opening up into a really big tunnel. There us a pronounced hallocline here and the water will be crystal clear.

The rock is crumbly white and there are no decorations, this tunnel leads to an intersection that branches off in all directions, there are numerous side tunnels and restrictions but if you choose to dive the entire system be very mindful of the very soft rock and the real potential for a collapse.

The cave is suitable to any configuration, access is kind of a hassle but it's well worth it and can be combined as a second dive to the nearby Tree Cave or El Dudu.


Cars are safe if parked in front of landowner's house, pay landowner or buy lemons (seriously) to dive and park the car.


DRSS / Pantano

DRSS / Pantano

DRSS / Pantano

DRSS / Pantano

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