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Cueva de Games

Costa Norte, Dominican Republic

This small cave is 800 meters to the North of El Dudu.

The entrance is SM only, it is a very small hole and depending on body size you might need to remove one tank to get in. Once in the cave opens up but not horizontally, vertically, it is a vertical fissure cave unusual for here. It drops down to 23 meters and has various tunnels that branch off but they all eventually end in chokes.

Thomas and Phillip dove this cave in 2008 and found it on a day of exploration, they did a power snorkeling recon dive and were surprised to see a line! someone had been here.

When we actually dove the cave we found a line arrow with the name Games, we did some research and found out that this explorer's full name is Gabriel Games, a Brazilian cave explorer who has explored caves in Brazil, Cuba and Mexico. Aside from that no one in the DR knows anything about when he was here or when he found this very cool cave.


This cave is Side Mount only due the very tight entrance.

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