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Welcome to the official website of the Dominican Republic Speleological society.


The DRSS is a non profit organization and a member of the Federación Espeleológica de América Latina y el Caribe (FEALC), representing the Dominican Republic. The DRSS also has collaboration agreements with the Museo Del Hombre Dominicano and the Museo de Historia Natural . Our mission is the exploration, survey and conservation of submerged caves in the Dominican Republic and the world through cave diving. Flooded caves are fragile geological time capsules holding clues that could one day help solve the many mysteries of earth’s ancient past. We document and film our explorations sharing the amazing natural wonder of caves in an effort to help raise awareness on the importance of conserving the fragile cave environment.


To investigate the potential for new discoveries, through collaboration with local people and landowners, exploring and mapping new caves in the process.


From Archeology to Paleontology and the study of artifacts and fossils, to Biology and Microbiology studying the many cave adapted life forms.


The number one reason for cave diving accidents is lack of cave diving training, Education on the many dangers of cave diving is a key component in promoting safety.


Raising awareness on the importance of the cave environment by showing the public at large the cave diving and scuba diving community what lies beneath.

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